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Diamond Drilling Melbourne

When you need a hole accurately drilled into a difficult piece of material, such as a concrete slab, you need the right tools and the right technician to see that the job is done correctly. And that’s exactly what you’ll find when you work with the trusted team here at Austral Core and Saw.

The strength and stability of the diamond drill ensure a higher standard of work on even the largest or most demanding projects, and on all materials.

The size and weight of the equipment makes it ideal for working in more demanding conditions or environments, such as at difficult angles or in confined spaces, without any loss in performance or reliability.

To learn more about our available diamond drilling services, Melbourne customers can contact our team today.


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Proven Diamond Drilling Work For All Melbourne Projects

If you are trying to drill a hole of a certain size, shape and dimension into a piece of solid concrete or a slab of thick, tough material, then you can’t go past the performance and accuracy provided by a diamond drill, or one operated by the skilled team from Austral Core and Saw.

You won’t ever have to worry about the drill bit damaging the structural integrity or surface of the material you are working on, with the accuracy of the equipment also reducing the amount of dust created.

When they invest in our diamond drilling solutions, Melbourne clients will be able to experience the true difference that a tried and tested service will have for the outcome of their construction or renovation project.

Entrust your Diamond Drilling projects to us.
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For The Very In Best Diamond Drilling Solutions, Melbourne Customers Know To Call Our Team

For more than 20 years, the Austral Core and Saw team have been sought-after for both residential and commercial construction projects, delivering swift and straightforward diamond drilling services across Melbourne’s suburbs.

To secure a quote, or to speak with a member of our qualified team, simply call us today.

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